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If you've ever had to run a safety meeting along with all the other work your job entails, you know the start is usually the most difficult part. How do I break the ice to kick off the meeting? These videos can help!

All of the following Safety Moments are included when you purchase this package of Safety Moment videos. They can be used in work site meetings, corporate meetings, or for any employees that need to think more about safety. All videos come with questions at the end to stimulate thinking around the importance of safety.




Each video can only be accessed once with this license.

Driver Distraction - 3:22 mins
Driver distraction is a huge cause of collisions. It doesn't matter if you are talking on your cell phone, texting, eating, or daydreaming - a distracted driver is a dangerous driver. Reduce collisions by concentrating on the task at hand.

It was an Accident... Just One of Those Things - 3:44 mins
When was the last time you had a true accident? Looking back, do you think your accident could have been prevented? Those events we call accidents aren't true accidents - they could have been prevented.

Protect Your Head... You May Need It - 4:15 mins
Head injuries are the leading cause of death due to trauma. It doesn't matter if you are exploring a cave, riding an ATV, or if you are at work - wearing the proper head protection reduces head injuries and death. There is proper head protection for every activity... wear it.

Don't Slip When Getting In or Out of a Vehicle - 3:20 mins
It may seem innocent enough, but getting in and out of your vehicle in icy conditions puts you in a very vulnerable position. Injuries can range from a mildly strained back to death. Realize the hazards as you get in and out of your vehicle.

Statistics are People - 2:55 mins
The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of a million is a statistic. (Joseph Stalin)
When we look at statistics, we don't think about the people behind the numbers. It's important to remember that each number was a mother, father, husband, wife, child, friend, or coworker.

Always Think of the Repercussions of Your Actions - 1:30 mins
This is the best tip you can get: whatever task you plan on doing, take a few seconds to think about the repercussions of your actions. Take those seconds to think about what will happen in the event something goes wrong. Take a second to think who else will be affected if something goes wrong and you are hurt or worse.

Road Rage... You Never Know Who or Where the Nut Cases Are - 2:50 mins
It happens every day. Someone upsets another driver either knowingly or unknowingly. The resulting confrontation escalates into violence and someone is hurt or killed. Don't let it happen to you.

Lift With Care to Protect Your Back - 3:27 mins
A back injury can reduce your quality of life for years to come. Don't let something as simple as a heavy couch, a piece of wood, or a heavy valve at the workplace reduce your quality of life. You are never too young or too old to start looking after your back. Take care of your back now so you can have a healthy retirement.

You Don't Have to Fall from a Great Height to be Hurt - 2:40 mins
If you fall from the 45th floor on a construction site, that will make the six o'clock news because it was a spectacular fall. If you trip over a curb, hit your head, and die three days later, it won't make the news because it wasn't a spectacular enough fall. Even a same level fall can destroy lives. One of the best tips you can give anyone is to learn how to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Horoscopes and Safety - 1:50 mins
My horoscope said it was going to be an "accident prone" day for me. It said I should be careful because dangers can appear right out of the blue. Do you really believe your safety depends on how the stars line up? It's not the stars that keep you safe, it's you and your coworkers.

Driving and Sleeping Don't Mix - 3:35 mins
Have you ever fallen asleep while behind the wheel? What can be more dangerous than going down the highway when you are driving and sleeping? This video explains the repercussions of nodding off while behind the wheel and how to prevent it.

It's the Simple Things That Can Hurt Us - 2:00 mins
Something as simple as a faulty seat belt caused a pilot to fall out of his seat while he was upside down doing a stunt. It seems so simple, yet a faulty seat belt caused a jet to crash. This video points out that, when it comes to safety, there are no simple things - everything is important.

A Crocodile is Like a Machine - 1:30 mins
A crocodile ripped a man's arm off while he was trying to help it. A machine ripped a man's arm off when he was trying to fix it. Crocodiles do what they do, and they don't care who they hurt. Machines are the same. This video points out that respect and caution is needed around both crocodiles and machines.

Animals on the Road - 4:03 mins
Hitting a large animal with your vehicle at highway speed is no joke. People die or are maimed every year when they collide with animals on the road. This video will remind you of the damage that animals can do when they are hit and how to help prevent a collision with an animal.

Arrogance and Safety Don't Mix - 3:28 mins
We all know someone who comes across in an arrogant way when it comes to safety. It may be the new hire who thinks they know it all, or it may be the mature worker who says, "I've been doing it this way for 25 years, and I don't need to follow the new safety rules." When it comes to safety, arrogant attitudes get people hurt or killed.

Tragedies Make Us Safer -3:15 mins
Unfortunately, it often takes the deaths of others to make us safer. In this tragedy, over 300 people died, most of whom were children. Shortly after this incident, the law was changed so that an odour was added to natural gas to prevent horrible events like this one from happening again.

Use Caution in Tight Spots - 1:53 mins
It doesn't matter if you are exploring a cave, working in a confined space on your work site, or fixing your septic tank on the acreage, extra caution must be used whenever you are in tight spots because rescuing you could be very difficult and dangerous.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs - 1:52 mins
It doesn't matter if you are carrying bear spray on a hike or using bleach at home or at work, warning labels and safety instructions have valuable information. Take the time to read and understand them.

A Man Killed Two Young Girls - 2:35 mins
A man killed two young girls. He didn't mean to, but he did it just the same. His careless actions and disregard for other peoples safety stole the lives of the girls and robbed their parents of their precious daughters. You have a huge responsibility whenever you get behind the wheel.

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